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My philosophy
Development of self-expression, artistic sensibilities & life skills through music

At The Friendly Cat Piano Studio, I believe in equipping every student with the toolset to express themselves through music. Besides the usual practical musicianship skills (theory, ear-training, sight-reading, transposition, listening and playing with others), piano technique and performance skills, I aim to inspire and cultivate an understanding and appreciation for music of various types (including jazz and popular music). Through the rigorous process of learning of an instrument, students also develop life skills like goal setting, practice habits, personal discipline, time management and problem solving.

Ms Goh Ruyin owns The Friendly Cat Piano Studio, where she welcomes students of all ages and levels. Ruyin has a degree in music from the University of Oregon and a business degree from the National University of Singapore. 

While at the University of Oregon, she studied piano with Dr. Claire Wachter, an acclaimed piano pedagogy specialist, and also taught extensively at the university’s Piano Pedagogy Programme.

These experiences have enabled her to empower numerous students with the gift of communication and music-making through the piano.

Ms Ruyin Goh is a member of the Singapore Music Teachers' Association.


"Music is something I turn to again and again, when I am bored, lonely or verbally inept. It is a way of passing the time meaningfully, a means of forming connections with people, and a means of communication when one cannot find the right words. It has weaved its never ending and unbreakable cords in and out of my life, and will continue to do so until I die. It is something that I will always return to, no matter how many times I tire of it, and I will grow old with it. It is something that will always touch my heart, even while words grow stale."

The Studio
My philosophy
My philosophy
Located only 6 minutes' walk away from Queenstown MRT, the brand new studio boasts a very conducive learning environment for music.
the studio
start making music

30 min trial

Individual piano lesson

Ages 6 and below

45 min trial

Individual piano lesson

Ages 7-12

Intermediate level students

1 hour trial

Individual piano lesson

Ages over 12 & adults

Advanced level students

Besides the staple weekly individual lessons on the instrument, we provide extra opportunities for learning and performing, and make supplementary theory and aural resources available.

We provide more than just the essentials
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