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Listen: Menotti's Poemetti

1. Giga

  • Rollicking, vigorous dance in A major

  • Suggests light-hearted playground games with skipping and running

  • Darker mood at F# minor section

  • Form: A A' B A'' A' B'

  • Meter changes from 6/8 to 9/8 at the end of sections

2. Lullaby

  • Tonic-dominant ostinato underneath a melancholy melody evoking a traditional Italian lullaby

  • Gently falling intervals in melody line

  • LH intervals expand briefly in the final section

  • Form: A A' A''

-- extracted from notes by Sylvia Watkins Ryan

#recordings #collections #intermediatelevel #classicalmusic #romanticstyle #giancarlomenotti

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