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Menotti's Poemetti: 12 Pieces for Children

First published in 1937

  • Dedicated to Maria Rosa, Menotti's youngest sister

  • Menotti's take on an "Album for the Young" -- recalls images of his colourful childhood in Italy

  • Romantic in style, but flexible time signatures and expanded harmonic language

  • Each piece serves as miniature technical etude

  • Groupings of contrasting mood and tempo with complementary key relationships:

  • Giga, Lullaby, The Bagpipers

  • The Stranger's Dance, Winter Wind, The Manger

  • The Shepherd, Nocturne, The Brook

  • War Song, The Spinner, Bells at Dawn

-- extracted from notes by Sylvia Watkins Ryan

#romanticstyle #giancarlomenotti #intermediatelevel #collections #classicalmusic

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